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Cryptearn is a platform that connects gamers with investors who want to profit from the rapidly growing play-to-earn gaming market. Through our platform, investors can purchase NFTs and rent them to skilled gamers, who use them to earn rewards such as in-game assets and tokens. We offer a simple and easy-to-follow investment process, education about our projects and the crypto world, 24/7 service support, and full transparency.

MarketSpot DAO

This will be the first ever, true user-centric marketplace platform, built on blockchain, 100% decentralized and user-owned. Marketplace built as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that aims to provide a transparent and trustless platform for community governance and decision-making. We build 3 digital products: Online Marketplace for goods & services, Digital wallet (Non-custodial multichain crypto wallet) and dApp.

FitKit International

FitKit is a SaaS company that provides users with unique fitness and wellness benefits.

Hajde Folim

Hajde Folim is a digital media brand focusing on mental health and self-care. It provides ad free content, on a weekly basis, which educates the audience on mental health, breaks the stigma around mental health, and provides the audience with methods, tools, routines and directs them to resources for self-care and for addressing mental health issues.

Local Service

Local Service is a platform where it will "Connect local services to people" . Where service providers can offer services and receive payments fairly, on time and without the hassle and service receivers can filter, view images, see reviews as well as have an invoice for their payment along with more payment options helping them make the right choice for their need.

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