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Reverse travel agency

Potential tourists can post their accommodation preferences on our platform. For instance, they might request an apartment near the beach for two adults and two children. Tourist agencies will then contact these potential tourists directly.

Anant Macedonia

Our customizable knowledge platform consolidates diverse resources into a unified Gatsby app, with a proprietary engine for data organization. Tailored for companies and communities, we enable custom features, fostering collaboration in niche tech areas. Adapting to client needs, our solution goes beyond data aggregation, creating a personalized information and interaction hub.

MarketSpot DAO

This will be the first ever, true user-centric marketplace platform, built on blockchain, 100% decentralized and user-owned. Marketplace built as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that aims to provide a transparent and trustless platform for community governance and decision-making. We build 3 digital products: Online Marketplace for goods & services, Digital wallet (Non-custodial multichain crypto wallet) and dApp.

Bike Computer

Bike Computer is a cost-effective cycling app with advanced metrics and safety features. Our intuitive interface and real-time tracking make it an excellent alternative to traditional Garmin devices. Plus, our unique safety system sends automatic alerts in case of an accident.


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