FitKit International

FitKit is a SaaS company that provides users with unique fitness and wellness benefits.

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Brief overview of the unique value proposition or idea.

FitKit is a SaaS company that provides users with unique fitness and wellness benefits.

Problem solving and market potential.

We are providing convenience, as well as maximum utilization to the expenses related to corporate fitness and wellness.

Team's industry experience and expertise.

Two co-founders. Josif Damjanov with 11 years experience in Fitness and wellnes. Nutrition and wellbeing influencer in MKD and has established 3 successful business so far. Angelina Blazeska founded her first start-up at age 21. Established retail business with 20M EUR revenue at age 26.

Received investment, current revenue or other tracking metrics.

No. Bootstrapped so far. MRR 50K EUR. 3500 MAU

Phase of investment.

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