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Reverse travel agency

Potential tourists can post their accommodation preferences on our platform. For instance, they might request an apartment near the beach for two adults and two children. Tourist agencies will then contact these potential tourists directly.


Gulli digital magnets offer a new user experience that replaces traditional magnets with direct access to photos and videos of your favorite tourist locations. Simply scan a QR code or NFC tag to access your memories. Say goodbye to traditional magnets and hello to a more interactive experience with Gulli.


Our unique value proposition is a platform that connects people who cook at home with people who want to eat home-cooked food. Our solution offers simple access to market that is easy-to-use, and we believe that this will turn home-cooked food into an everyday treat.


Completely remote-based academy that offers real-time interactive trainings & consultation (called journeys) in 18+ cyber security (ethical hacking) domains, while focusing on minimizing the lack of cyber-security professionals on the market, and offering affordable knowledge packs to companies for their employees to evolve into more-experienced roles which provide better ROI.


We are building an online marketplace that allows anyone to find & book top-notch musicians, while we handle the whole event organizing process. This way we protect musicians that they will earn what they agreed on. Furthermore, we want them to build their digital portfolio, connect with fans, and sell merch through our platform.


Cryptearn is a platform that connects gamers with investors who want to profit from the rapidly growing play-to-earn gaming market. Through our platform, investors can purchase NFTs and rent them to skilled gamers, who use them to earn rewards such as in-game assets and tokens. We offer a simple and easy-to-follow investment process, education about our projects and the crypto world, 24/7 service support, and full transparency.

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