Breaking Down Barriers

How many young people haven't dreamed of being successful and achieving most of their goals at a young age? And how many adults have looked back and wondered why a certain event didn't happen differently, or why they made the wrong decision about this or that?

Well, don't worry because we will show you the stories of some young entrepreneurs who, based on good planning, effort, talent, but above all maintaining very clear and well-defined goals, managed to come out successful even in moments that were unfavorable for them.

Today, in this blog post, we are talking to Milan Petrovski, one of the few entrepreneurs who, at the age of 23, has already established his own company that works successfully on the Macedonian market.

  1. If you could single out one experience that shaped you into the person you are today, what would it be?

"Well, I could not single out one experience because I think it is a very long process to define ourselves as persons and to build a character. I would say that I was shaped the most by the path I took these 3 years after opening a company. Then it was a moment where it created a habit and responsibility for me that whatever happens must be finished, and to go to the end because whatever it is, the responsibility always remains with me. Also, a very important trait that I acquired is that I mostly always started looking at things positively, and all those ups and downs that happened, in the end, turned out as they should."

  1. Briefly explain what your idea was and what problem it solves?

"The idea behind Viseq is a platform for automating visualizations in AR (augmented reality) without customers knowing how to program. A kind of WordPress or Shopify for AR. With this platform, we make AR technology more accessible to everyone, such as restaurants being able to create menus with food to be viewed in 3D or furniture stores having an online store where you can see how your furniture would look at home before buying it."

  1. Describe your Longest Pitch Marathon experience in one sentence?

"One of the many events that I have attended, which stands out because after the end of the event, there is an "action" that is an overall process that leads to a final product."

  1. What is the best advice or lesson you learned during the marathon?

"Make products that you can monetize."

  1. What after the Longest Pitch Marathon?

"Refinement of the platform, concretization of the idea, and expanding it on a global level."

"I have noticed that the harder I work, the luckier I seem to be." - Thomas Jefferson.


Path to Building a Better Future Together

As the first fintech company established with domestic capital, we at SN Finance know the value of early-stage financing for startups. It's important to invest in the growth of young people and their ideas to build a better future together. This is something that we take to heart, and we want to make a contribution to our community.

My Journey as a Private Investor

As a banker and private investor, I have always sought out companies and businesses that share my values of creating a better and sustainable future for everyone. Over five years ago, I began investing in the 10 best Macedonian companies, which allowed me to feel the satisfaction of impacting someone's business idea.

Investing in the Potential of Innovative Startup Ideas

As founders of Widnet Solutions, Darko Micskoski and Miroslav Draganov actively participated in the Longest Pitch Marathon with the goal of finding and supporting the most innovative domestic startup ideas. 

Capital & Good Business Ideas in Macedonia

As the founder of Networker, a company that directly deals with the development of startups, I firmly believe in the next generation of Macedonian businesses that can shape the world. It is precisely for this reason that we appeared as an organizer and investor at the Longest pitch marathon event, where investments were made in the business idea phase for the first time.

The Importance of Early-Stage Investment

As founders and chief executive directors of the Business Accelerator UKIM, we continuously strive to support the most promising technology entrepreneurs, startups, spin-offs, and fast-growing companies through early-stage investments and tailored mentoring for product and technology development.


We are making history for the extraordinary intellectual Macedonian startup community.

From Freelancing to Business Success

Are there chances for prosperity in Macedonia for every young person who sees their future here, instead of outside it? Of course, yes. The only thing they have to do is take advantage of the open opportunities offered to them.

Innovative Solutions for Common Problems

If you think you have a great business idea, you already have an advantage over your competition. The most successful entrepreneurs are those who firmly believe in their idea from the very beginning, relying solely on their knowledge and skills.

Revolutionizing Trading

We continue with the success stories of our Longest Pitch Marathon winners.

Building a Brighter Future for Artists

Being an entrepreneur means being creative, persistent, and ready to take risks, while never letting your fears limit you from achieving what you want. Clapsify, a young team of talents who managed to secure an investment of 25,000 euros at this year's Longest Pitch Marathon, is proof of possessing all these characteristics.

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