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Teva's digital platform provides quick access to working capital for micro and small businesses by selling invoices to investors.By selling invoices to investors, our solution offers a host of compelling advantages: seamless online registration, transparent rates and fees, simplified KYC requirements, debtor solvency focus, prompt notifications within 48 hours, and an enhanced user experience.


HeyReach offers unlimited LinkedIn automation for agencies, allowing for multiple accounts to send unlimited connection requests and messages. With the ability to safely scale outreach without surpassing LinkedIn's limits, Heyreach is a valuable investment for businesses looking to grow their reach and increase their efficiency.

Hajde Folim

Hajde Folim is a digital media brand focusing on mental health and self-care. It provides ad free content, on a weekly basis, which educates the audience on mental health, breaks the stigma around mental health, and provides the audience with methods, tools, routines and directs them to resources for self-care and for addressing mental health issues.


A digital naturopathic space offering women personalised holistic health coaching from consultations, guided programs to updates on biohacking techniques tailored to their health goals. Have access to short and lower cost programs to meet their busy life demands without compromising on their health. Our platform can have an impact on improvement of working women whom are mothers lives to lead a healthier happier life.

Sellsio LTD

CRM Platform for managing a Medspa / Dentistry clinic

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