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Hajde Folim is a digital media brand focusing on mental health and self-care. It provides ad free content, on a weekly basis, which educates the audience on mental health, breaks the stigma around mental health, and provides the audience with methods, tools, routines and directs them to resources for self-care and for addressing mental health issues.

About This Startup

Brief overview of the unique value proposition or idea.

Hajde Folim is a digital media brand focusing on mental health and self-care. It provides ad free content, on a weekly basis, which educates the audience on mental health, breaks the stigma around mental health, and provides the audience with methods, tools, routines and directs them to resources for self-care and for addressing mental health issues.

Problem solving and market potential.

High prevalence of mental health issues among young people, with WHO estimating that  approximately 20% of young people experience mental health problems each year. 50% of all mental health problems start at age 14 and suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-29-year-olds. -Lack of awareness to identify mental health problems because most people lack the knowledge to know that they have issues. -Lack of information to be able to address the issues people are facing even when they are aware of what they are facing or dealing with. -Stigma around mental health often lead to prejudice against people with mental health issues and illness and it’s one of the main reasons people do not seek help. - Price of therapy and its accessibility is another barrier to people taking steps to address their mental health. Taking in consideration the increasing rate of digitalization in all fields of services, the current rate of mental health problems, and the immediate need for convenient solutions to address those needs, we believe that our idea is a multi-dimensional solution to the problems mentioned above.  The pandemic has shown the potential for telemedicine through the rapid adaptation of online and telephone medical care to provide better services and improve health outcomes. There is a need to imagine and deliver new, more effective solutions to mental health problems. There is a huge opportunity to give room for preventative, digital approaches. This new model, we suggest, addresses mental health problems before they become serious enough to trigger demand for specialist care by providing education, products and services to contribute to mental wellbeing.

Team's industry experience and expertise.

Hajde Folim has two co-founders. Below is a specific description of the team members' experience:
Liridona Osmanaj | Co-Founder & Team Lead Social Innovation Specialist Educated in top institutions in the U.S and U.K, with 10+ years of diverse work experience in Kosovo and abroad - working for key global organizations such as UNICEF, UNDP, Save the Children, and other diverse entities - designing, initiating or implementing ventures that advance social change through tech, digital media and other innovative approaches. Gentrina Nuka | Co- Founder Certified Digital MarketerBachelor student of Psychology in the University of Prishtina and student of Business Management and Marketing at Riinvest. Activist. Passionate about equality, justice and serving the community. Worked and volunteered for different organizations and businesses and has led different self-initiated intitiatives focusing on gender equality and youth empowerment. Florent Osmani Counseling psychologist Educated in Bachelor and Master psychology Departments,  in the University of Prishtina with 3+ years of experience on counselling and therapy and besides that an additional  6+ years of experience on projects that aimed the increase of youth potential in Kosovo in organizations such as 4H-Kosova and Diakonie Youth Center. He also worked for a couple of years as a junior researcher on research companies such as UBO Consulting and Applicative Research Solutions, and prior to that he worked as a research assistant on the project “From inclusive identities to inclusive societies: Exploring complex social identity in the Western Balkans“.Arnisa Aliqkaj Organizational PsychologistHas a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Organizational and Social Psychology. Experience in counselling, career guiding and referral advice. Has worked as a psychologist and consultant for various organizations and is currently a reintegration and psychosocial support advisor at GIZ Kosova. Blerta Osmani Graphic Designer, pro bonoBachelor student of Integrated Design in the University for Business and Technology (UBT).+2  years experience in graphic design in Kosovo and Switzerland for social media, web design and brand identity.  Worked and volunteered for different initiatives that had to do with the environment and making this world a better place.

Received investment, current revenue or other tracking metrics.

Hajde Folim received a 2000.00 EUR grant as the winner of 1st place in  the start-up incubation program by the Center for Enterprise and Innovation of the University of Prishtina. The project was funded by “EU in Kosovo” and supported by “Swiss EP Kosovo” in partnership with the University of Prishtina. At the moment, Hajde Folim has a following base of more than 14,000 followers on Instagram, achieved in less than 2 years, and a weekly reach of 50-300k. Hajde Folim has created a place for itself in the community as one of the most well known digital spaces for mental health, and although we are an informal initiative, we have been receiving demand, on a daily basis for more services and products to aid people in addressing their mental wellbeing issues.  The high rate of receptiveness has validated the initial idea, and now the goal is for Hajde Folim to advance further. In the first year (Feb 2021 - Feb 2022), Hajde Folim was only working on idea validation, and did not aim to generate revenue. During this one year Hajde Folim was fully self-financed, with all staff working on pro-bono basis, with 99% of our operations & management being carried out virtually.  This year in February 2022, we launched our very first product,  the merch/sweatshirt collection launched in February, in which Hajde Folim made 800 EUR so far.  We are in the process of desighning other products and services, but the implementation will depend on the initial investment we receive.   The next step in this process is to further reiterate the idea and fundraise in order to realize our plans; which is one of the reasons why we are applying for this program.

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