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Call Handyman

Our company is a web platform that aims to connect people in need of handyman services with qualified professionals. By providing a user-friendly platform, we strive to simplify the process of finding reliable and efficient handyman services for our clients, while offering a steady stream of handyman job opportunities.


Our unique value proposition is a platform that connects people who cook at home with people who want to eat home-cooked food. Our solution offers simple access to market that is easy-to-use, and we believe that this will turn home-cooked food into an everyday treat.


We want to make internet donations easy and accessible to everyone everywhere in the world and as simple and as fast as possible and of course free and transparent. This will maximize the donation potential for Charities and NGOs by providing them with a new tool to raise more funds and minimize collection costs.

Selektiraj otpad

Selektiraj Otpad is a rewarding app that incentivizes people to recycle by allowing them to scan items and earn redeemable points. Our unique value proposition is that we provide a fun and interactive experience while making a positive impact on the environment. Our innovation lies in our software, which provides waste companies and municipalities with a management system that streamlines their operations and improves efficiency.

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